Alexandr Bazarin:
I was born on 1.03.1963 in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod (Gorkiy) .
1978-1982 – studied in Gorkiy art school.
1986-1991 studied in Muhina High Art College in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad).
1992 – became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Group Exhibitions
1989-Exhibition of the group “Battle elephants ”. Gallery " Ariadna ", Leningrad. 
1990-one-day exhibition of the Leningrad artists in Russian Museum, Leningrad. 
1990-Bienniale I of the Newest Art, Leningrad. 
1991-“ Artists of Leningrad ” . Svolver, Norway.
1991-“ Battle elephants ”. Leiden, Holland 
1991-“ Artists of Leningrad ”. Gallery " Gedok", Hamburg, Germany
1992-Bienniale II of the Newest Art Manege, St.-Petersburg. 
1993-“ All St. Petersburg ”.Art Manege, St.-Petersburg. 
1994-Bienniale III St.-Petersburg. 
1995- Art reality 1995 , Art Manege ,St.-Petersburg. 
1995-Festival of Galleries. Hague, Holland.
1996-"New symbolism” Osnabruck, Bremen, Germany. 
1998-“ Anatomy of the modern art ” I. Gallery “ Аrt Collegium”, St.-Petersburg. 
1998-Museum of the Modern Russian Art, New York. 
1999-“ Anatomy of the modern art ” I I Gallery " Art Collegium", St.-Petersburg. 
1999-Gallery “ White light ”, Tver. 
1999-private gallery in De Vijk, Holland. 
1999-Representations of the manifest "Side" and demonstration of works in the Boardroom, the State Hermitage, St.-Petersburg. 
1999- Luke Art Gallery of Russian modern Art №1, London bridge club, Soutwark. 
2000-"Side", “Art Collegium”. 
2000-“ St. Petersburg effect ”, “ Luke Art Gallery ”. 
2001-“ Art of St. Petersburg in Mifer”, “ Luke Art Gallery ”, London. 
2006.15.12. Nice,France("L*art et la matiere"
2006-Flayosc chapelle Saint-Augustin “Collectif d”ete”

Personal Exhibitions 
1993-Museum of city sculpture. St.-Petersburg. 
1995-Museum of city sculpture. St. Petersburg. 
1998-Gallery " Аrt Collegium ", St.-Petersburg. 
1998-Museum of Modern Russian art, New York. 
1999-Gallery " S.P.A.S "., St.-Petersburg. 
1999-Gallery “ White light ”, Tver. 
2000-Art center ". Nevograf “
2000-St.-Petersburg State University, faculty of philosophy.
2001-UNO, New York. 
2001-Tokyo, Japan Gallery of session house garden 
2002-gallery “ АNYA TISH ” Houston 
2002 -UNO, New York 
2002 - “ Luke Art Gallery “
2004-Gallery Gildia Masterov.

Works are in Management of Association of Museums of Leningrad Region, in private(individual) collections of many countries of the world.


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