Stas Svetochenkov "Gold and Silk"
(26 March - 15 April)

Both refined luxury and luxurious refinement characterize artistic works by Stas Svetochenkov which will be presented during his personal exhibition in Mart Gallery from 26 March till 15 April.
Stas Svetochenkov – is uncommon painter. His fame overstepped not only bounds of St.-Petersburg and Moscow but also of Russia. If you see his works one day you’ll never forget them.
He talks about the classics (in its antique and renaissance meaning) in nonclassic language. And all of cues on the art of previous periods first or last ceased to be significant in comparison with his individual artistic handwriting.
New exhibition “Gold and Silk” will present his figurative painting and also his painting of “abstract silk forms” on the gold backgrounds (artist uses in his works gold paint as well as true gold). Bright, contrasting and at the same time exquisite color and richness of painting textures remind of his recent trip to India.



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