Yura Tumasyan "Holiday"
(25 September - 16 October)

Personal exhibition by famous Petersburg artist Yura Tumasyan. His works are characterized by delicate play of color and motion, forms and spaces; his art conception is unpredictable. The brush hovers slightly over the canvas creating the varying universe of abstract images that stick in mind. Each of the works is a part of the whole being a self-contained at the same time. The world is one and undivided; it is the greatest symphony of all. First thing that comes under notice is a full dissipation of the painting, its transformation into the painting environment. That makes emotions prevail over figurative perception so one can hardly keep cool.
Some of Yura’s early pieces are direct quotes from the classic modernists, but the author is not embarrassed when speaking about it. As Henri Matisse once said, ‘For my part I have never avoided the influence of others. I would have considered it cowardice and a lack of sincerity toward myself. I believe that the artist's personality affirms itself by the struggle he has survived’. And this idea works out perfectly for Yura Tumasyan. His individuality, together with distinguished style, passion for experimental games and non-standard formats, and, above all, an exceptional degree of feeling in – all these justify his unique place in the art world of St. Petersburg.



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