I Love You 
4 - 23 September 2007

Malagasy artist Christophe Jean Michel Rabearivelo is better known under the alias of Fofa. Celebrating his forty fifth birthday on September 15, his sponsors have announced an anniversery exhibition. 
In his young days, Rabearivelo was one of the founders of the underground art group ‘War Elephants’. Today he is called the best painter of the Great Island (Madagascar), but he sees himself among the ’new romantics’. 
Fofa has been living in Saint Petersburg for more than twenty years, and solo exhibitions have been arranged in Moscow, Paris and in his homeland of Madagascar. 
In an interview for the New Africa magazine, Fofa, answering a question about his art ideals, said: ’I am afraid I sound pathos but for me, there are three key words: love, quiet, harmony. In my works, the characters are reflected in the landscape: in ocean, flowers, birds …’. According with his philosophy, the forthcoming exhibition is named ’I Love You’.


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