Gallery of modern art “MArt” was opened in 2006, in a central district of Saint-Petersburg, Marata st. 35. The total area of gallery is 80 square metres, 50 of it used as exhibition room and about 20 square metres – as a space for permanent exposition of painting and graphic works by different artists.

The main principle of exhibition work in gallery is regularly and dynamically changing exposition (every 2 or 3 weeks). Lately were realized personal and group exhibitions of both notable masters from St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Far East, Belorussia, Germany and Switzerland, and unknown artists.



Also the gallery presents two long-term exhibition projects: “The painters of Far East” (5 exhibitions yet have been made, curator – Olga Lyalyakina) and “Closed Air/Street Art” project (it presents famous writers  -  painters of graffiti and others objects of street art) 3 exhibition-action have been realized, curator – Kirill Lyalyakin.
Exhibition conception of the gallery consists in calling artists with different styles, whose works unites such ideas as modernity and tradition, professional skill and aesthetic value.

The main artists who work with the gallery: Alexander Bazarin, Alexander Volkov, Felix Volosenkov, Vladimir Ganin, Valeriy Lukka, Yuri Manelis, Natalya Manelis, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Alexandra Ovchinikova, Peter Raykhet, Denis Saunin, Dmitriy Titov, Ales Faley, Vladimir Haho.

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